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Parents Evenings

Parents evening meetings


Parents evening meetings take place during the Autumn and Summer Terms. They are held over two consecutive evenings usually starting at 4pm and finishing by 7pm depending on class size.


Each appointment runs for ten minutes only, this is to ensure everyone gets a chance to meet with their child’s teacher and waiting times are limited. Should you require more time to discuss any aspect of your child’s work or development, you can contact your child’s teacher to make a separate appointment.


We use the Tucasi Scopay online booking system for appointments, which we hope will be useful for parents as this is the same system we use for online school dinner, trip and music payments. If you are not registered on the scopay system yet please contact the school office and they can arrange for a letter with your individual access code to be sent to you.


In advance of each parents evening a letter will be sent out to you with the dates and times of the parents evening and the date the system will "go live" for appointments, we are unable to book any appointments prior to this date.  


To make an on-line booking, you will need to  log into (You may need to copy & paste the address into your browser).

You will be asked to Log-on to your child’s scopay account using your existing username and password. If for any reason you are unable to make an online booking, please contact the school admin team at or call 01962 732801 and we will be able to assist you with your account.


Editing/Cancelling Appointments

Once you have made and appointment you can click on your booked appointments at any time and edit or delete the bookings if needed.


If you require help with the booking system at any time please contact the school office on 01962 732801 or email