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Junior Road Safety

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Our Junior Road Safety Officers for this year are Joshua and Amelia from Year 5.


On 11th October 2019 Josh and Amelia attend a Junior Road Safety Course run by Hampshire County Council where they learnt about all aspects of Road Safety. Once the training day was finished Josh and Amelia had lots of idea's about how to bring the things they had learnt and the important messages from the day back to the pupils and parents of Sun Hill Junior School.


Josh and Amelia spent the next 2 months planning Junior Road Safety Day to take place on Friday 6th December 2019.  With support from Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Bone they were able to invite all pupils to come into school on that day in "Free Dress" as bright and colourful as possible! They asked all pupils to bring a donation into school and the money would be used to create signs (designed by pupils during Road Safety Day) which would be produced professionally and put-up around the school site to remind all visitors and pupils about staying safe.


Josh and Amelia produced their very own assembly presentation (included below) and set-out activities for the whole day. At the end of the day they held a final assembly to wrap-up everything up and hand-out reflective key-chains to every pupil which they had bought with the help of the PTA (Friends of Sun Hill Juniors) and they showed a film which they had made themselves about road safety.


Josh and Amelia are now recruiting pupils to join their JRSO crew to continue to combat and highlight road safety and ensure that parent/carers and visitors to our school and parking outside of it understand the message of Road Safety. 

Photo's from Junior Road Safety Day