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ICT or 'Computing' has rapidly become one of the most important subjects that children learn about in schools; skills include communication in the 21st century and how information can be found, assessed and presented using a range of tools. Children are also taught to understanding of how technology works, and engage in tasks that allow them to program and control real time events. Often some of the best learning in ICT is invisible - the children apply skills and tackle new problems independently in a way that enhances their learning in other parts of the curriculum.

At Sun Hill Junior School, the children are taught to use the Internet responsibly, how to present and organise information using word processing programs, art programs, presentation programs, databases and spreadsheets. They engage in creative tasks such as writing, art, creating animations, music and digital photography. They learn about the impact that technology has on our society and about how to gather information through sensors, control systems and program them. They also learn about how the internet works, what networks are and some basic coding. In this way the new computing curriculum has increasingly strong links with maths and science.

How you can help at home:
By allowing your children access to computers, iPads, iPod touches and other devices you already are. Children often like to do further Internet research on a topic which has fired their interest and choose to present their home learning using ICT – all a valuable application of skill, but it is also important to encourage children to 'fix' problems they come across in technology themselves, rather than giving up or relying on an adult to do solve the issues. If your child is particularly interested in ICT, why not point them towards the following free resources: