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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Kingfishers & Water Voles

can find help with their work and extra learning activities here!



Another Snow Day: Friday 2nd March, Please can all children try to complete the following work:

1) I love these snow creatures (the eyes are made from glowsticks) - can you write a short story about them. Where did they come from? How did they get here? What do they want? Are they friendly? How do they move? speak? communicate? Remember to include some fabulous description with lots of expanded noun phrases and powerful (tier 2) verbs. Try to sneak in a 3-ed or a De:De sentence too!



2) There are some more fraction activities on my maths for everyone to do - use your login and password (see separate letter) or send a message via dojo if you don't have your password. If you want to get ahead, our next topic is time so see if you can find some bus or train timetables that have been affected by the snow!


3) Keep revising the 7x tables and we are moving onto the 8x tables next week (remember just double, double and double again)


4) We'll be having our spellings test next week (pyramid, myth, mystery, etc.) and on using apostrophes to show possession - why not make a poster to help you remember the rules?


The Apostrophe Punk-Rock Song

Here is the Apostrophe song by Anchor Creative Education. This sing is perfect for the whole of key stage 2 to sing-a-long with! Apostrophes= Possession or Contraction!